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SALES~ [02 Apr 2012|10:52am]
PKMNcollectors sales, all pkmncollectors rules apply

-Permission granted on April 02 2012 by entirelycliched

-I ship from CANADA once a week.
Basic price to US for a normal enveloppe is 1.20$ International is 1.80$

-PAYPAL only, prices in USD

-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail once they leave my hands.

-House is dog-friendly

-No holds.

Feedback page here.

Sorry for list-only sales, I do not posess any reliable photo equipment.

ALL Japanese TCGs are 1st edition

Theme decks sales

Sets sales


TCG CODES: 1$ each. Available: 4 red, 4 yellow, 4 blue, 1 promo card. codes will be e-mailed
TCG Accesories SalesCollapse )
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[11 Feb 2018|02:02pm]

//note to self, them coins I am still missing so far.

State Quarters
General minting: Puerto Rico, Samoa, Virgin Islands, Northern Marina Islands.

Philadephia mints: Missouri, Wyoming.
Denver mints: Pennsylvania, District of Columbia,Puerto Rico, Guam , American Samoa, Marina Islands.

National Park series: Pennsylvania Gettysburg, New Mexico Chaco Culture,  Hawaii Volcanoes

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I feel like writing [14 Oct 2017|01:13pm]
So yeah have some K.

Under a CUT!Collapse )
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best dream ever? [30 Oct 2016|09:23am]

okay so one dream had me with some dude in a car, except we each had some hyena at our side, and they were just chillin in the parked car with their heads against the lowered windows, for some reason they had blankets on their heads, and the one on my side had some other wild hyena sniffing at it and it chased it off just by peeking out of its blanket.

Then it was some scene jump of some type where we were at a house...

a house with eight half-hyena/labradors. They were really nice and well-behaved and looked mostly like labradors? like oh my fucking god this dream made me so happy? (I have no dogs and hadn't for a while but damn)

Like two weeks back I dreamed I was at some house with four puppies, one I don't remember but two being some maltese poodle thingee, another... gosh I told mom at the time but I don't recal it now at this moment. The other was some english or irish setter puppy? holy heck they were adorbs...

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....oh lord... [11 Jan 2016|09:46am]
David Bowie passed away.
I just...

See you Space Cowboy.

Thanks for the music that I.. yeah gonna go listen again.
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What is even the future [26 Oct 2015|03:05pm]
I don't know what I want to do. I never knew anyways.

If I can, if I don't go crazy, I'm going to stay and work in that hell... They shifted my schedule again but I,ll make do. Gave me less hours too but I don't care.

Working saturday though. hah.

What I do know is that some day I want to go and see Kennedy Space Center. Maybe Houston's Johnson Space Center too.

I know I want to buy and read Chris Hadfield's book. New hero. He great. I  want to meet him someday but he is retired. Hopefully someday I can, somehow.

I don't want to hate that journey that's life.

I want to look forward to things again, and be excited...

At least I feel better than saturday evening, very much better than last monday, so these pills might be working. Thank the stars.
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What is the future [25 Oct 2015|05:43pm]

I look at disneylan and wonder sometimes why I would go there, not being the sort of person that rides stuff or whatever. Sure it's about memories, merch, the experience of a lifetime. I guess Harry Potter world or whateber would be sort of neater too, and all in one place.
I know there are some things I would like to do, others just.. so-so, as is with all the things I do.

Not sure why I even write this. I guess I'm just using this to lay my thoughts out.

Health-wise, I bit the bullet monday morning and went to the hospital acsue I felt like shit when waking. Again. I probably could have touched on other apst shit but I stuck with the current wtf is with my stomach area. At least my vital signs were okay, and tehy poked around my stomach and there was mothing odd.
So I have tiny pills for like, gastric reflux and ulcers or such? It has been working okay aside from yesterday evening where I felt like shit once more. Thankfully it went away after I went to bed. Somehow.

Work has sucked a lot, and may keep on sucking. I know I won't spend the whole of next year with them unless things drastically change, and I doubt they will... Starting to just feel tired and not exactly seeing much light.

If I could have foreseen that the past week would suck as much dick as it has, I would have taken it off and fucking gone to the Kennedy Space Center...
If I do go, it may not be until they open their merged exhibits in the end of 2016...

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[06 Oct 2015|12:24pm]

No really, whatever I put in my system, it fucks it up? I had orange juice and somehow my body is just shaking and feeing like a furnace, what the hell? I was fine until I put anything in my body this morning, or is it the chips? No because I had a toast with butter yesterday morning and I was still fritzing.

Going to try a toast with peanut butter tomorrow and see what the fuck even happens. Christ. No serious, what the shit is even this? I even felt bad while eating that cream of broccoli yesterday evening at work.

Might not have much of a choice but go to the doc or hospital on saturday morning if this keeps up every single day. This has been going on randomly ever since my vacation ended and it only seems to get worse recently.

Whenever I think I am fine it just slams on me the next day again.

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Not dead, not quite [30 Aug 2015|03:17pm]
So after being sick twice in two weeks and having two days of doom at work friday and saturady, and kinda really hating my life (yeah I was a second away from being sick while eating something at a restaurant on my birthday tuesday. joy) oh and missing a really rad party my parents hosted with like half the family yesterday?

Hopefully I start getting better this week.
I hope I do because I haven't done shit since my vacation eneded, except being sick and struggling to keep some foods down. This is getting better, but I gotta just watch what I eat. Birthday starbucks did not happen, but hopefully it will still be good on saturday...

This week, for the first time since a year and more, I have two days offf in a row.
Maybe being sick TWICE in two weeks and needing 3 days off outta 10 seemingly was a message to my woprkplace to stop busting myschedules to shit, I dunno...
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AUUUGH [04 Aug 2014|01:48pm]
I keep having lame issues and slowdowns and massive crap.

I'll try Maxthon's browser instead of Chrome because Chrome keeps giving me no pages, and may be the reason youtube kills my graphics driver or makes it act up I don't freakin know.. Wasn't paying 512$ enough to solve my freakin issues!?

Also why the fuck did you reset my display this morning, windows 7? AUGH!
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come on, foot... [19 Jul 2014|09:59am]
  Meh, foot feels numb... righty, only four days of work left, then i gots one day off... which.. i dunno, might go out, might not. Depends... kinda would like Starbucks, and ice cream before the summer is too advanced maybe...

Wondered what it would be like yesterday to make donuts with glazed love for people in the US.

I need to kick my ass in a few ways before anything... and even if mom says i should/could threaten to quit because of my 8 days in a row, i am not that sort of person. they kinda better not do it too often... and the 6 days a week that i thought were over with...
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Yeargh [01 Jul 2014|01:56pm]
Massively cleaning and rearranging my stuff in my room.. it gives great results but it takes so much energy... work today too.. guuuh...

It does look a lot cleaner, and will hopefully be even more if I succeed in clearing the stuff on my floor. Did nothing but work on this yesterday and today. Funny how I never really clean except in short bursts where I do everything within a few days or a week x.x;

Project cleaning wardrobe will also be undertaken soon...
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here goes [16 Jun 2014|09:41pm]
yeah my desk is a pigstyCollapse )
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Places to remember or at least check out [13 Jun 2014|06:05pm]
This year's Otakuthon in Montreal is 22-24th august. It always seems to fall at the end of august.
AnimeNorth in Toronto was may 23-25th, so it will most likely fall in those dates next year.

Must try: tourtiere


http://www.versarestaurant.com/index_en.php (my cousin's restaurant! Niisan, staring at the menu and I,m like 'we could eat there for days' ahaha.)

http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g155033-d3476688-Reviews-IX_pour_Bistro-Quebec_City_Quebec.html (currently rated 1 out ofa thousand places. it does sound interesting)

http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g155033-d3605422-Reviews-or10-Loews_Le_Concorde-Quebec_City_Quebec.html#REVIEWS our equivalent of the Reunion Tower.. but the reviews seem more meh than good for the food and servive... hmm... :( It has closed now since the hotel changed hands but I will keep an eye open.)

http://www.yelp.ca/biz/caf%C3%A9-st-malo-qu%C3%A9bec#query:Escargot (this place sounds like it has them but not in the shell. It also sounds like it has everything amazing too, for a good price.)


Montmorency Falls, Nuns museum, chocolate museum: MUST DO
http://www.huron-wendat.qc.ca/en/rates.html#activites http://www.quebecregion.com/en/historic-sites/site-traditionnel-huron-onhoua-chetek8e/ very much should do

http://www.lacitadelle.qc.ca/fr/activit%C3%A9s/rel%C3%A8ve-de-la-garde.html (could be interesting! Has a museum too)

http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g155033-d4508207-Reviews-Jardin_Botanique_Roger_Van_den_Hende-Quebec_City_Quebec.html (our botanical garden, not so epic)

http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g155033-d183917-Reviews-Aquarium_du_Quebec-Quebec_City_Quebec.html (aquarium, even if the latest reviewer seems disgruntled, others enjoyed it)

http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g155033-d155603-Reviews-Musee_de_la_Civilisation-Quebec_City_Quebec.html (year-round exhibit about amerindians, will have to see what else is over there on our timeline)

http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g155033-d155593-Reviews-Musee_National_des_Beaux_Arts-Quebec_City_Quebec.html (free entry it sounds like, but we have little to no japanese influenced art really. There is some inuit art thhough, and many quebec artist painters.)
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Howdy y'all! [13 Jun 2014|03:55pm]
Back home from a trip to Texas, my first ever VACATION that I am entitled to call such.

Read more...Collapse )
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WHAT THE FUCK [19 Feb 2014|02:02am]
What the unholy fuck was Naruto 665

You get Madara explaining why the fucking peasants misdid the whole chakra nin-teachings cause it was supposed to be used for PEACE and twisted it into jutsu to make war and then then you ahve just Obito fucking shit over and suddenly the hallelujah? I can see him just somehow having the black goo spit back the other kyuubi half (but maybe Minato will be fucked cause no arms)

Anyways THE POINT is even if Naruto wins that war, and peace happens well WHO united them against ONE goal? Madara. Who made em realize they couldn't have fake peace WHICH WAS PEACE NEVERTHELESS?


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Death is a sad but true fact [14 Feb 2014|07:03pm]
Learned today that one of the co-workers at my old workplace has passed away. He had been fighting some cancer  for about 4 years or so.
Strange, how I happened to be thinking about him a little while ago too.
This goes to show that nice guys leave first, so if you don't want to die soon, be an ass like that crusty old man who keeps whining about his freakin donuts every week.

I feel somewhat numb. It is better that he is finally free from the pain.
....but somewhere, I am still saddened.
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Naruto 663 [06 Feb 2014|07:53pm]
Fixed it for you

Spoiler lolzrofl, here ya goCollapse )
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...urgh [31 Dec 2013|08:57am]
so, since yesterday my back has been killing me. Took a tylenol to ease that like yesterday.
What it doesn'Mt ease is the pain that occurs if I take a deep breath. Yesterday I sneezed twice and the burst of pain I felt for 3 seconds SHOULD have indicated that shit wasn't gonna be over overnight. Yet I foolishly hoped... I shoulkd have tailed it to the hospital after work at midnight.

Instead I may go after my shift today, because fuck, no way I am spending tonight like the last. I don't get HOW I was able to fall asleep cause no position was comfortable.
My co-worker said it's age.. well I am going to freakin find out cause if THAT is age, I am becoming old mightily freakin faster than I thought.

...so yeah, might spend the first minutes of new years in the emergency waiting room, unless my mom somehow says it's a bad idea. She should agree though.
Woulda gone this morning but highly doubted I,d be out in time for my shift.
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Notes to self: missing from J-Hero 01 [22 Dec 2013|01:24am]
95, 78, 58, 42
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